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Cope with French
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Whilst sitting on a campsite in the middle of France, my husband was doing a bit of French translation using our French-English dictionary.

The reason?, he had nothing better to do.

Looking over his glasses he said to me "You know, there are an awful lot of French words that have the same spelling and meaning in English. Has no-one ever thought to list them?" It was a bit of a rhetorical question so needed no reply.

It did however 'sow a seed' which resulted in Cope with French, a book you will not find recommended by any French language schools or French languages courses.

Why? ..... because 'Cope with French' is unique and not available to them. Incidently unique as a word is not unique to one language as it's translation from French to English is the same.

The way to use this French vocabulary builder is to use word substitution; for example you will not find blockage listed but you will find obstruction. So use 'obstruction' to convey this meaning when speaking French.

Finally, the grammar minefield has not been entered except to highlight verbs by inserting the word (to) in English and specifying the gender of the French noun. All grammar rules will still apply!

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